Cassandra Stuyt is an audiovisual producer from Venezuela based in Barcelona, Spain, who specializes in photography, retouching and production planning. She describes her work as the expression of a “restless artist” due to her colorful tone, saturated colors, contemporary and irreverent style.

In 2013, after finishing her BA on Communication Studies in Venezuela, she moved to Barcelona to complete her passion in studies on: advertising & fashion photography, professional editing & retouching and art direction at the school of IDEP Barcelona.

Her work experience includes clients like:
Original BuffPlaneta DeAgostiniVistaprintView ManagementUNIKO ModelsIDEP BarcelonaRaya Studio, Eva Vesikansa, Muchos Mas & Valmizar.

Her main professional goal is to work in photo and video exclusively and directly in the areas of fashion, advertising and portrait.

Cassandra Stuyt exists to amuse, seduce and entertain.